Jakarta nominated host new 7 wonders 2011



We are inviting New7Wonders Members and fans to help us choose and select the country and city or location that will become the exclusive Official Host for the Declaration of the New7Wonders of Nature event in 2011.

We cannot promise to choose the place you suggest, but we can certainly promise to consider and take into account your ideas and suggestions. Who knows, with enough support maybe your chosen location will host the worthy successor to our spectacular event in Lisbon on 07.07.07?

The more you support a location, the more chances we will be there in 2011!

Good luck!

Our choice of Official Host will be based on the following:

  • the best and most spectacular location to showcase the biggest event in 2011
  • a country and city with the political and strategic ambition to be at the centre of the world
  • as with any other major event, standard license and contract terms and conditions
  • the passion and interest of the people, the national decision-makers and the media.

So make sure you also contact your:

  • political leaders and national decision-makers, so they get behind this
  • main media, journalists, TV newspapers, so they support you
  • friends and get them to visit this page and tell us about their choice as well!


More information : CLICK HERE! << VOTE

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