Another Amazing Thing About Borobudur



Have you visited Borobudur temple? It is an ancient site once considered one of the world’s seven wonders. No doubt, this great temple will always be in the mind of those who visit it. If you visit, you will enjoy the fresh cool air of Magelang city with its roads lined with big and shady trees.
These tree lined streets are well managed and look greener than the parks surrounding it. Borobudur is well-maintained and stands tall against the Menoreh mountain range that surrounds it.
It is now easy to enter the temple compound. The compound also has “rabbit carts” available to visitors at a reasonable price.

For visitors with children, you will not want to miss the massive green grass around Borobudur site. You will certainly miss something if you visit the great temple without knowing its history and importance which are captured on its many reliefs.

There are also guides to walk you around as they explain the history of this site, built during the Syailendra dynasty, for only Rp 50 thousand (about US $5.00). Many philosophies can be studied about the meaning of life from the reliefs of this temple.

To save money, you may choose to walk through Green Park from the entrance. Although there may be many vendors who would chase and offer you souvenirs, they would do so in an orderly manner. Regulation says that they are not allowed to disturb visitors. During the hot season, you should also bring an umbrella for shade or the occasional shower, or rent one for Rp 2.000 (about US $0.18).
Many people visit Borobudur during the Waisak festival. This is a Buddhist holiday for holding prayers.  Borobudur looks elegant during a full moon. This terraced ceremonial structure consists of six levels below a square-shaped level, and three levels above a circular level, with a Buddhist stupa on the top. Stupas are also found on every level.

Another interesting feature of Borobudur is that it does not have a worship room like other temples; there are long and narrow alleys with walls surrounding the temple on every level. In these alleys, it is believed that Buddhists perform a walking ceremony around the temple by circling it to the right. This type of roomless building and multiple levels is believed to be an evolution in terraced structures, and symbolizes the original architecture of the Indonesian pre-history era.

Another amazing thing about Borobudur is that was built using no cement at all! Visitors are amazed by its interlocking structure that is like a building of Lego blocks without any glue.

Another interesting thing about Borobudur is Menorah hill on its north. If you look at it carefully, the hills contour is in the shape of a sleeping person. Wow! Borobudur appears to stand tall beside a “sleeping person”. It is believed that makers of this great temple wanted to keep Borobudur strong. With its green areas and gently blowing winds, it will be hard to leave.

Please see the elegance of Borobudur under the Waisak full moon and the strength of Borobudur temple beside the “sleeping person” of Menoreh hill for yourself. You will surely be tempted to visit again.



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