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Fresh Shortcuts is inspired by the activities that can make someone a fresh heart again. Sometimes we become routine to create a human like robot.

Melakukan perkerjan dari bangun tidur hingga tidur kembali pada malam hari dengan ritme yang sama. Tidak ada salahnya kan, jika kita melakukan sesuatu yang bisa bikin mood menjadi fresh dengan jalan shortcuts? Hal-hal yang bisa dibuat santai kenapa harus diperumit ?

Hopefully the posts in freshshortcuts.wordpress.com this mood will change your whole mood which can be smiling.

Note : All materials on this blog are not for the commercial purpose.


One Response

  1. hello!

    thanks for the posts on STGCC and the PI toys!
    is there an editorial email address i can send future press releases to? i would like to include your blog in the press list!

    do drop me an email. hope to hear from you soon!

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